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The New Millenium has indeed brought with it many new views and some serious challenges, to the world of developing and land use.


With the awareness of the many sensitive environmental factors facing us all today, we on the Ocean Estates Developments' team, have the unique responsibility of learning and fully understanding  programs that help us to create and sustain our new communities for the future.


The OED Team is supporting the fact we must look beyond the tomorrows, and well into the future for our families and neighborhoods. Within the fastest growing communities in North America, we in the Comox Valley are anticipating growth that is not only expected, but will be welcome with the proper planning, design and construction of functional, feature communities.


Ocean Estates Developments' mission will be to carefully examine all projects, with the intent that it must work into the guidelines and criteria of a planned, and sound community. With this goes a natural pride of creating an area that will offer unique and out of the ordinary amenities, that will keep the team constantly on the hunt for new and exciting ideas and designs.

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